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Canadian farmers, growers
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On-farm innovations and efficiencies such as energy-efficient grain dryers, precision agriculture technology, anaerobic digesters and solar panels can cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. With no viable fuel alternatives, carbon surcharges pull capital from critical investments that would otherwise augment the sector’s potential to reduce emissions further and support food security.



to the agri-food sector’s
$135 billion to our gross domestic product and provide
1 in 9 Canadian jobs.



the food that feeds Canada and the world.



meaningful climate solutions as stewards of 154 million acres of land across Canada by increasing production while maintaining relatively stable emission levels: a 50% decrease in GHG emission intensity from 1997-2017 alone.

An Exemption
is the Best Solution.

To support farmers in their efforts, Bill C-234 seeks to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act to extend the exemption for qualifying farming fuel to marketable natural gas and propane. The current carbon price rebate, introduced last year through Bill C-8, does not fully account for the individual breadth of carbon surcharges applied to farms.

Farmers pay a carbon price on essential farming activities such as irrigation, grain drying, feed preparation, heating or cooling of barns and other agricultural growing structures.

Bill C-234 would provide an exemption, limited to on-farm fuel use for these necessary farm practices, allowing farmers to invest their money in the efficiency of their operations.

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Supportive Quotes From Our Members

Vote for Bill C-234

Canadian Federation of Agriculture

“As farmers often have no viable fuel alternatives for critical food production activities, the carbon tax creates a large financial burden without any potential for significant emission reductions. In order for farmers to make investments into technologies that enhance their efficiency and sustainability, they need access to the working capital. Bill C-234 would keep those funds in farmers’ hands and allow them to make the necessary investments that will allow our sector to unleash its potential as a natural climate solutions provider.”

Keith Currie, President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture

Vote for Bill C-234

Canadian Pork Council

“Having barn heating costs subject to the carbon price is especially challenging for producers given that they are responsible for the welfare of their animals. In Canada’s climate, producers have no choice but to manage the temperatures in barns to ensure the care of our animals.”

– Rick Bergmann, Chair of Canadian Pork Council

Vote for Bill C-234

Grain Growers of Canada

“Canada’s grain farmers welcome the introduction of this bill and appreciate the exemptions included for critical on-farm activities – including grain drying. Through this relief from the carbon tax, our farmer members would have additional capital to invest in innovative technologies and sustainable practices that reduce emissions.”

– Andre Harpe, Chair of Grain Growers of Canada

Vote for Bill C-234

Canadian Hatching Egg Producers:

“Canada’s hatching egg farmers represent an important segment of the poultry industry. Our farmers work hard to be at the forefront of innovation for sustainability while striving for efficiency at every opportunity. Bill C-234 will provide necessary support on farms to help alleviate financial pressures and ensure capital is available to reinvest in our farm operations to continuously improve our sustainability.”

– Brian Bilkes, Chair of Canadian Hatching Egg Producers

Vote for Bill C-234

Canadian Canola Growers Association

“Canola farmers are proud stewards of the land and are always looking to make improvements. However, to maintain the quality of our crop, grain drying has become an integral part of our operations and can cost thousands of dollars each year. Currently, there are no viable options other than natural gas or propane to dry canola. The exemption provided by Bill C-234 will be a huge relief for canola farmers like me, and will provide an opportunity to re-invest in the efficiency of our farms and support food security.”

– Roger Chevraux, Chair of Canadian Canola Growers Association

Vote for Bill C-234

Canadian Cattle Association

“Beef farmers and ranchers continue to be leaders in sustainability and are continually making environmental improvements in managing their operations, which contribute towards the Canadian beef industry’s 2030 goals. Bill C-234 will aid these environmental goals by providing necessary exemptions for essential farm practices, including steam flaking and temperature regulation for livestock barns.”

– Nathan Phinney, President of Canadian Cattle Association

Vote for Bill C-234

Fruit & Vegetable Growers of Canada

“Canadian fruit and vegetable growers are committed to being a part of global climate solutions and the sustainability of their operations. We believe the support for farmers found in Bill C-234, will incentivize continued innovation, and recognizes that farmers need a range of feasible fuel and energy options. Ultimately, this will benefit the entire food value chain, including Canadian consumers.”

– Jan VanderHout, President of Fruit & Vegetable Growers of Canada

Vote for Bill C-234

Chicken Farmers of Canada

“Canadian chicken farmers constantly advance our operations in order to improve bird health and welfare, and to ameliorate environmental stewardship and sustainability on the farm. Through the implementation of good production practices, chicken farmers are taking steps to ensure that our sector is environmentally sustainable for decades to come. We look to our partners in government and in the House of Commons to provide legislative and financial support for farmers so we can keep feeding Canadians.”

– Tim Klompmaker, Chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada


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